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Online Services

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission Online Services allows users to access the following applications or processes:

  • The public is able to extract the locations of MET Towers within Oklahoma. This is done in the PUBLIC links in the left-hand margin.
  • Owner/Operators of MET Towers are able to set up an online account and register their tower(s). This is done in the REGISTERED USER links in the left-hand margin.

The following information was prepared to assist owners and operators of anemometer towers in complying with the permanent rules effective August 27, 2015, requiring the marking of anemometer towers, notifying the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC) of the location of existing towers and those to be constructed/erected, and notifying the OAC of the removal of a tower.
The Marking of Anemometer Towers
[Note: Anemometer towers erected prior to December 17, 2014, shall have until November 13, 2015, to comply with the rules requiring marking of the towers.]
  • The entire anemometer tower shall be painted in seven equal, alternating bands of aviation orange and white, beginning with orange at the top and bottom of the tower.
  • Two marker balls shall be attached to and evenly spaced on each of the outside guy wires.
  • One seven-foot sleeve shall be placed at each anchor point and shall extend from the anchor point along each guy wire attached to the anchor point with a second sleeve attached to the outer guy wire.
Notifying the Commission of the Location or Removal of Anemometer Towers
For existing towers -
The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission must be notified of the location of any existing towers as soon as possible. Existing towers have until November 13, 2015, to be in compliance with the marking reruirements.
For towers to be contructed/erected -
The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission must be notified of the location of any tower to be contructed/erected at least 10 days before the construction of any tower. Anemometer towers constructed after December 17, 2014, must comply with marking requirements upon construction/erection.
For towers to be removed -
The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission must be notified of the location of any tower to be removed within 30 days of the removal of the tower.
Please call OAC (405-604-6900) if you have any questions.
If an owner/operator of an anemometer tower cannot utilize the website to notify OAC they can utilize the forms found below.

*For groups of multiple towers, an Excel spreadsheet can be used in lieu of filling out individual forms for each tower. Fill in the spreadsheet with the information for each tower and attach with the cover letter provided. Spreadsheet and cover letter can be submitted via e-mail to